Hello! Welcome to my site.

My name is Emma McKenzie. I am a writer and artist living in the beautiful city of York. I specialise in nature based writing, but I am also interested in poetry, prose and life writing. I have previously used creative writing as a therapeutic tool in my career as an occupational therapist working in mental health and recovery services. My journey in teaching creative writing started by running eco-therapy writing classes at the fabulous St Nicks nature reserve eco-therapy programme in York (2014 – 2021). I now work freelance to deliver workshops and writing classes, alongside creating my own work. I am currently also studying for a PhD in Humanities, check out the rest of my site for more info.

This site is called Life At Base Camp because I strongly believe that life is one big adventure! Base Camp is my home, the place I have my adventures from and to which I return to write. You can read more about weekly nature based finds and general adventures on the Field Notes pages which are my personal blog.

Current news and events 2021:

I currently have two sets of nature writing courses currently running with the Field Studies Council with dates confirmed for both courses to run during September and November 2021, please click on the titles for details:

Feedback from participants:

‘The course has been so interesting and inspiring. Your support and teaching has been really caring and helpful. This was my first writing course and I was quite nervous before starting, but the course was always a little drop of calm and brightness in the week, I’m already missing it! ‘(Phoebe)

The courses have been fab, streets ahead of others I have taken in the past. I have written more in a short space of time than I expected and reading everyone else’s writing has kept my spirits up.’ (Hilary)

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